The Art Of … paint removal

restoring potters wheelI always enjoy fixing up a fixer-upper. I knew I was going to love this old potters wheel once it got cleaned up. It’s quite a contraption. It has a lever that you push with your foot that turns the big heavy lower wheel. Once you get it going, it goes for a long time on its own.

This was todays project. Several hours of sandblasting off the old layers, and then some really cool Rustoleum spray I found that gives the finish a “hammered” look. (Click on the photo to see progress shots).

potters wheel restoration

Dan de potters wheel San Hose Calif

sandblasting rust and paint

prepping metal for paint

sandblasting old potters wheel

sandblasting in Vancouver glass studio

sandblasting and painting

painting metal wheel in booth

project finished in booth

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  1. Who is the manufacturer of this wheel? I’ve been looking for this style of wheel for quite some time unsuccessfully. Thanks for any help you can lend.

  2. i have one of these. been trying to clean it up like yours. good job by the you know if the wheel head can be unscrewed? which direction?

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