Replicating the Roswell Rock

RTRR2This article was first blogged out over a period of several months. The first post was dated September 19th 2008, and the last was in February 2009. Over the years since, I’ve dragged it around from site to site, tweaking it along the way – small edits to smooth it out, adding or removing a word, that kind of thing. So other than occasional actual updates and, oh yeah the “addendum” – no big changes. It is still basically in it’s original bloggy form. a nearly real time (not quite) journal of the exploration of the subject – a study on an anomalous object which really ended up a study on a little more than that…

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The Roswell Rock & the Crop Circle: Not a Match

Roswell_Rock_CarvingIn continuation of the ever lengthening Replicating the Roswell Rock, I’ve got a few rocks on the studio table that I’m working on. Found a new handful of quality stones to work with. Here are some of them catching the evening light. I’m particularly excited about the one in the upper right corner which has the smoothest, most chocolaty look I’ve come across so far. Funny thing about that one though, is that it didn’t come from the creek. Micky spotted it while raking yesterday, just laying in the yard. This may turn out to be the best one yet. To find it in my own backyard, no more than 12 ft. from my shop door is

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Carved Stone Enigma Solved?

Crop-Circle-RockBreaking News! For those of you that have been following Replicating the Roswell Rock, we may have a possible end to the Roswell Rock mystery… it appears a man came forward yesterday (8/27/14) with a pretty solid explanation on the probable origin, and possibly who made it. Apparently this is about two stones that were purchased in 1998, in Roswell, at the “Alien Encounter 98″ festival.

Image Credit: John Russell, and posted at

An additional image has now gone up at Crop Circles Research Foundation, also coming from John Russell which appears to bear a carved-in version of what we see on the original Roswell Rock. In my opinion they seem to share the same what I would call design flaws and differences from the original field version.

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