Seemingly Stabilized

DAY 26 ~ I feel

Inflammation started diminishing faster last night – back down to almost normal. I’ll give it a 3 at the moment. It’s interesting though, I feel like… raw, or injured. Like burnt. Almost like post sunburn burnt. Not just on the skin, more like through-out. Muscles are even sore.

This is how it gets during every major sugar binge, it’s actually what causes me to back off. So even though the latest binge ended a month ago, it almost feels like it didn’t.

I got back (up) to the apps recommended number of smokes, basically by easing off of competitively getting ahead. It took a couple days to seemingly stabilize.

Day 5 off of dairy ~ Dinner last night was bean tostadas (without cheese or sour cream) – a definite first to not have cheese with my mexican food.

Probably also worth noting: I don’t seem to be craving cheese as far as I can tell as I would have expected, and now that I’m feeling better, the normal craving for sugar is noticeably returning and rising. I won’t be giving in to it though. Water is becoming a surprisingly adequate substitute on that front.

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