Thinking-out-loud on Paper

Illustration or drawing is a part of everything I do as a working artist, but it goes beyond that into all parts of life – everything from brainstorming, problem solving, communicating ideas, or preparing for any project… things like organizing a workspace, a remodeling project, or of course designing a glass etching. I’m always grabbing paper and pencil, as a way to organize thoughts – anything from a simple idea for the yard, to capturing a difficult to describe item from the imagination, or even something remembered from a dream, and that’s the best thing really – bringing into view something that cannot otherwise be seen.

It does go into three basic overlapping directions – illustration as a tool for thinking, as a tool for communication, and also as a finished form of art. The latter is the one I rarely get to enjoy, and have explored the least. Illustrating Meet Ron Paul was a major leap forward in that direction. It taught me exactly what I needed to know – that illustrating books is something worth looking into. I’m looking forward to pursuing it more when I get the chance.

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