Sandblasted Glass Portraiture

lincoln_squareIt has been the challenge of rendering the human face that has been the main drive behind why I have so often pursued experimentally the ways to better control sandblasting as a medium.

Sandblasting is about blown sand and stencil. Most of the time stencils are affixed to the glass, that is the standard method used by almost all sandblasters. This “restriction” is what gives the medium it’s recognizably distinctive look of ultra sharp edges and soft gradations between things. It wasn’t long after I started etching before I was, in some circumstances, wanting to break free of that. I believe that for most sandblast artists who encounter that urge to go beyond the standard look logically attempt “freehand’ techniques to bridge that gap between sharp and soft edges.

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A Focus on Lighting

Regarding the importance of considering how etched glass and light go together, my goal is to arrange what I’m learning into an easy to digest overview of the subject so that a quick look at the page results in raised awareness. To see how the lighting page is coming along click HERE or watch this short video below.

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Etched Glass

Birch trees etched by Ron Branch For Rich Lamothe at Glass strategies in Portland OregonThese birch trees are an example of a style I am developing that is a combination of carving and shading. The idea is to have the design hold up in any lighting conditions.

Often the details of an etching which is just shading are only effective in front of a dark background. I’m trying to combat this by including carved elements in a strategically balanced way.

Birch trees etched by Ron Branch For Rich Lamothe at Glass strategies

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Etched Wine Glass

etched wine glass at Glasstone Studio in Vancouver WashingtonFinely detailed etching on a wine glass.

Some of the lines are only a tiny bit thicker than a human hair.(click on the image for a larger view)

Sorry to say I’ve decided not to include wine glass etching as something I offer as a service. I had previously decided to pursue it because of the regularity of calls asking fot it, but upon looking into it, silk screening is a much cheaper way to go and so that is what I am recommending to people.

Etched wine glass by Ron Branch in Vancouver Washington

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