booth_5Oct 2, 2010 Introduction ~ Illustration or drawing is a part of everything I do as a working artist, from brainstorming, problem solving, communicating ideas, or preparing for any project… everything from organizing a workspace to designing a glass etching. Beyond using it for glass work, I’m always grabbing paper and pencil, for anything from a simple idea for the yard, to capturing a difficult to describe item from the imagination, or even something remembered from a dream, and that’s the best thing really – bringing into view something that cannot otherwise be seen.

I haven’t worked specifically as an illustrator in a professional capacity, but I think it is something that will happen eventually. Having used it as mainly like a utilitarian tool, I look forward to someday exploring the medium more directly, actually taking sketches to finished forms, rather than abandoning them to the scrap heap as soon as they’ve served their purpose.

It started out with pencil, but over the years the computer has been gradually coming into the process. The computer is a great tool for the work I’m doing now, but ultimately I’d like to phase it back out. It’s just a feeling I guess… I’d just rather work exclusively by hand.

In the end I’ll be an actual painter. I’m quite certain of this – but also fully expect I will by that time be officially ‘an old man’ – a safe bet considering some would call me that now.


At_Paul_FestUPDATE 2013 ~ Well, I can no longer say I’ve never worked professionally as an illustrator… an opportunity presented itself to do an actual book!

It was called “Meet Ron Paul” by Mat Blankenship, and was published early last year. What an amazing experience – very educational and challenging. The job was twenty-seven pencil illustrations plus a portion of the cover art.

I now have a website dedicated to that work, which is mentioned in the book itself. is there to help young readers quickly find their way to more Ron Paul related info, and will also be home to any future “liberty” related illustration subjects I might take on.

Beyond that, I have an idea roughed out for an illustrated novel, but it may be a while before I have the time to do it – too much is happening in the studio. Surely happy and thankful though to be so busy.

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