NewBooth5Often the search queries that bring people to the websites of sandblasters look something like this: “How to build a sandblast booth” Here is a sample from this week alone:

– “build a sand blast booth”
– “large sand blast booth”
– “pictures of sandblasting booths”
– “sandblast booth”
– “sandblasting booth for glass”
– “walk in sandblast booth”
– “walk in sandblasting booths”

If this is the type of question that has brought you here and even if this means that you are “the competition” – I am more than happy to share what I know so far. I think the first one I did was in 1988 or 89. Since then I’ve built five others, improving as I went along. I’ll start back at the beginning and recount the whole learning process, which is on-going I can assure you. There is always more to learn, so if anyone reading this has any tips or suggestions I would certainly appreciate them. I’m going to have to break this epic tale into multiple posts, I had know idea it was going to be so long.

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