Awareness Exercise

MORNING ROUTINE ~ Like an observer of yourself, become familiar with your “morning routine” (if you have one). What are the things that you do every morning, and where does your first cigarette come in? Whether it’s first, second, or third, gradually start putting the other things you also do every morning, ahead of that first cigarette. Develop this first as an exercise, and let it become a strength that you have… the ability to move that first cigarette around in your morning routine at will.

Keep pulling the other things you do in life in ahead of that first smoke, gradually and randomly. Experiment with this a little every day. Can you imagine building a smoke free morning routine and then letting it grow into the rest of the day?

Another awareness exersize:

CONSCIOUS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of things that are much more enjoyable than smoking (as you are enjoying them). Example: “this cool refreshing drink of water is way more enjoyable than smoking”

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  1. Exactly, I totally do this. :-) Right before I quit completely, I kept focussing, on how I hated to see the smog in the city horizon. I felt choked when I lived in Los Angeles, but I had no problem inhaling unnatural dirty smoke tainted with toxic chemicals. I also for years, had no problem smoking for hours, filling up my favorite hangout in high school with smoke. No thought at all to all the non-smokers in that building. I remember smoking on a plane as well, it was okay, since I was in the smoking section. This is cognitive dissonance. There’s a hypocrisy that I hate smog, but, don’t mind smoking. duh. Do I really want to behave against my own true self? Shall I stay in denial? Hmm. Feels horrible to do that.

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