On Second Thought…

DAY 4 ~ Observation: A factor has shown up that affects the idea in the previous post. I find that right away in the morning I am in no way able to comply to an evenly spaced schedule. This is of course normal, being that after getting depleted of nicotine during sleep we smokers tend to smoke more in the morning to “catch up”. Being behind all day today has resulted in a feeling of frustration – even though, because I smoke less in the evening, I WOULD catch up eventually, but I felt guilty at each break anyway. Of necessity to remedy the feeling, I accessed the editing option and easily moved the dots to positions where they made more sense.

Immediately I felt the benefit in doing this – it put my mind into the conscious work of strategizing the remaining smokes of the day. This was a very good thing! After all, raising awareness is one of the main objectives in the app.

As far as what was said in the previous post, we will each find the best ways to strengthen ourselves, and there are an infinite number of ways to do that. The great thing about the app is that it sets us on the path of discovery of the things that will get the best results… and so smoking less in the morning can become a thing to work towards – and I can do that by scooting the dots a little at a time toward that goal.

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