Replicating the Roswell Rock

RTRR2This article was first blogged out over a period of several months. The first post was dated September 19th 2008, and the last was in February 2009. Over the years since, I’ve dragged it around from site to site, tweaking it along the way – small edits to smooth it out, adding or removing a word, that kind of thing. So other than occasional actual updates and, oh yeah the “addendum” – no big changes. It is still basically in it’s original bloggy form. a nearly real time (not quite) journal of the exploration of the subject – a study on an anomalous object which really ended up a study on a little more than that…

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That state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces… but is it a feeling of rest, or peace? Is it like being pinned in place? Static? Paralyzed? We are all in a state of equilibrium regardless of how aware of that we are, but it is a dynamic equilibrium. Thankfully we are in motion.


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Sandblasted Glass Portraiture

lincoln_squareIt has been the challenge of rendering the human face that has been the main drive behind why I have so often pursued experimentally the ways to better control sandblasting as a medium.

Sandblasting is about blown sand and stencil. Most of the time stencils are affixed to the glass, that is the standard method used by almost all sandblasters. This “restriction” is what gives the medium it’s recognizably distinctive look of ultra sharp edges and soft gradations between things. It wasn’t long after I started etching before I was, in some circumstances, wanting to break free of that. I believe that for most sandblast artists who encounter that urge to go beyond the standard look logically attempt “freehand’ techniques to bridge that gap between sharp and soft edges.

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What is a “Free Press”?


The title is a question that could also read What is “Alternative news”? It is the natural result of people turning away from traditional mainstream network news for the reason that it does not function as a free press. Truth be told, it never really did.

A free press is a “natural” part of a society. People do not need to deliberately invent or design a “free press” – it will always design itself. Mainstream Media has only ever “occupied” the spot where the free press would be if it could be. Since it can’t be there, it has to be elsewhere. Even if there were no internet, the free press would still exist in some other form. With the internet though, the real free press, is for the first time accessible enough in the form of alternative media that MSM is genuinely dying. The powers that should not be do not intend to let go of their favorite power tool. Their “Fake News” narrative is yet another gigantic piece of evidence that we conspiracy theorists have been right all along. It is yet another thing that SHOULD enlighten people about the seriousness of the situation, and that we cannot afford to just keep floating along in a stupor, allowing things to continue to deteriorate as we have for so long.

Anyone can contribute to this cause. In sufficient numbers “the people” can do just about anything. When is it time to save free speech? I think it’s when it becomes clear that there are important things not being talked about… from fear. Fear of what? It doesn’t really matter. A society that appears to be letting go of it’s main principle so easily, coerced into giving up what it had said it was all about? Obviously it is precisely the time. How? Well for starters by supporting the real free press, in every way that you can. Especially with your own free speech. Never assume your voice doesn’t count.

We don’t have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the first amendment so we can say some very controversial things” ~ Ron Paul

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